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This project was design along with the architect Nina Morelli ( and submitted in the architecture contest “Trans-Siberian Pit Stops”, held in 2016 by Bee Breeders Architecture Competition Organisers.

The Trans-Siberian Railway has a big geographic significance not only because of its extension, but also because it connects different regions that are miles apart from each other, very hard to access and have an unique natural beauty.

Trans-Siberian Railway Pit Stop


The shelter was designed taking the climatic conditions into account. Aware of the annual average temperature, that varies between 15˚C and –21˚C, we projected a shelter that has the north and south facades made exclusively from double glazed windows, ensuring thermal insulation and preventing condensation problems, while providing direct illumination and insulation.

The other lateral facades are made of prefabricated double-stud walls with thermal insulation within.

The pit stop will have accessible bathrooms, a self-service cafeteria, fireplace, tourist support and a wide room for resting and reading.

The outside wall is made of carbonized cedar using the Shou Suji Ban technique, a sustainable process that makes wood fireproof without the need of chemical preservatives, painting or retardants.

The interior, made of light treated wood, provides a comfortable and cozy ambience. Three bay-windows, on the wooden walls, increase the internal space and integrate inside and outside.

floor plan

1. deposit

2. bathrooms

3. kitchen/coffee

4. souvenirs shop

5. help desk

6. fireplace

section A

section B

section E

section D

section C






scale 1:75m


Desenhos técnicos
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