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The Cambridge Squatter

Costume Design

Costumes developed during the second half of 2014, for the movie The Cambridge Squatter, a partnership between Escola da Cidade – College of Architecture and Urbanism and Aurora Filmes production.

The full-length film, released in March 2016, shows the unusual situation of a group of refugees and homeless people that squat together an building in downtown São Paulo. The daily tension caused by the treat of eviction reveals the dramas, joys and different points of view of each dweller.

The complete post production process was documented and turned into a book by the director and architect Carla Caffe, titled The Cambridge Squatter: Architecture, Cinema and Education. The book also shows the interaction between the Escola da Cidade students and the Cambridge building’s occupants, where the whole scenario was created and filmed.

Release Date October 12 - 2016 (global)

Director: Eliane Caffé

Executive producers: André Montenegro, Rui Pires

Screenplay: Eliane Caffé, Luis Alberto de Abreu, Inês Figueiró
Production Company: Aurora Filmes

The following studies were made during the brainstorming for the character's costumes


José Dumont

Screenplay: Actor and craftsman, in his sixties. Originally from northern Brazil and still living at the margins of society, no steady job and surviving with the money he earns with side jobs in theaters and TV. Despite his talent as an actor, his personality won’t settle for the superficiality of present-day mass productions. He’s an outsider that dreams of producing and playing what he calls “living paintings”, referencing notorious literary texts from the past.


Suely Franco

Screenplay: An old lady, former circus performer, funny and clever, but suffering with recurring memory loss, caused by sclerosis. A woman in her eighties, restless, smart, very active. Has the soul of a witch and affects everyone with her advices and popular sayings. She’s the squatter’s matron. Shares her residence with her nephew, Apolo, and even though they can have a hard time together it is possible to notice the affection they have for each other.


Carmen Silva

Screenplay: The whole building is working under Carmen’s leadership. Restless, she takes care of everything and everyone. Along with the other women she leads other similar movements of occupying buildings in downtown São Paulo. Tough, authoritarian and, at the same time, very kind, treats everyone equally and demands responsibility and participation.



Josué Areia





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