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Contributors: Marília Marz e Tamara Fajer

The housekeeper’s residence renovation in São Francisco Xavier was a redefinition of spaces. With a total area of 66 sq m plus 8 sq m deposit, the house had the living room and kitchen sharing the same space. The laundry was also indoors.

For the renovation, only one wall was demolished and one of the patios was walled up, so it was possible to distinguish between living room and kitchen. The laundry was moved to an adjacent room, the second patio is now outdoors and the deposit was relocated. With these changes, the new house has a total area of 74 sq m.

Other improvements were made: the floor was upgraded, interior and exterior walls were painted, electrical and plumbing systems, roof lining, bathroom and kitchen tiles, hardware and wood, closets and cabinets were renovated.







Floor plan

1   Kitchen

2   Living Room

3   Bedroom 1

4   Bedroom 2

5   Bathroom

6   Laundry


Housekeeper’s Residence in

São Francisco Xavier

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